The Money Network® Mobile App Account Management tool is an indispensable resource designed exclusively for Money Network cardholders, offering unparalleled convenience and control at your fingertips.

Customer Idea

Our client’s app can help users manage their accounts, monitor transaction history, and gain real-time insights into their financial activity. However, their major hurdle had always been adapting to a hybrid financial experience, with their app combining the functionalities of a credit card and a bank account.

Money Network has been struggling with limitations in diverse credit histories while serving those who may not qualify for conventional credit cards. To create such a hybrid experience, they needed better-quality developers and an overall better solution to their challenges. Their customers complained about disruptions and inconveniences due to the unintended consequences of subpar development practices. The absence of an internal development team also hindered the client’s ability to swiftly address emerging issues, implement new features, or enhance security measures.

Development Process

Onshore and Offshore Collaboration:

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive and globally aware approach, Nebel Tech proposed the integration of onshore and offshore specialists. This innovative strategy allowed Money Network to tap into a diverse pool of talent, harnessing the strengths of both local expertise and global perspectives.

The onshore team, stationed in the heart of San Francisco, ensured seamless communication with stakeholders, while the offshore specialists brought valuable skills and cost efficiencies to the development process. 

Collocated Teams in San Francisco:

Understanding the importance of collaboration and real-time communication, Nebel Tech suggested collocating teams in their San Francisco office. This approach facilitated immediate decision-making, enhanced team cohesion, and accelerated the development cycle. 

Dedicated Team Leads for Specialized Areas:

To ensure streamlined operations and focused expertise, Nebel Tech proposed the appointment of dedicated team leads for key areas, including backend development, web development, mobile development, and QA. These leaders served as the linchpin between onshore and offshore teams, providing guidance, coordinating efforts, and ensuring alignment with Money Network’s objectives. The specialization of team leads allowed for a more nuanced and efficient development process, addressing the unique challenges of each domain. 


Nebel Tech’s impactful collaboration with the Money Network® has not only demonstrated technological prowess but has significantly accelerated time-to-market, slashing the development timeline from an anticipated 2 years to a remarkable 9 months. This achievement is mirrored in the app’s widespread adoption, boasting over 5 million downloads across both major app stores. 

The app has garnered impressive user satisfaction, reflected in its stellar 4.6-star rating. This success not only underscores Nebel Tech’s commitment to efficiency and innovation but also highlights the tangible and positive impact their collaboration has had on the user experience and market penetration of the mobile app.