Basedeck is a web admin panel designed solely for the US market. Being an extension of an exciting program, Basedeck aims to deliver a more efficient, simple, and digital way for patients to get their medications through Co-Pay insurance.

Customer Idea

Our client is an outsourcing company which has customers in the medical field. One of those clients wanted to build an app to help patients cover their medication payments and allow pharmacies to sell needed drugs. Benefiting from our extensive expertise in the medical domain, we agreed an efficient and accurate approach of the development process.

The Web admin panel US has its own health insurance system, which requires patients to pay a specific monthly sum and covers most treatments and drugs. However, the insurance usually covers only 80% of the cost, forcing patients to pay 20% of the rest. And this could be especially hard in the case of costly medications.

Basedeck is a Co-Pay insurance business which covers 20% using a virtual card that works like a debit card. The client came to the NebelTech team with the idea of building an admin side of the product to digitalise business and extend the existing app.

Development Process

Once all requirements have been collected, we allocated a team of developers with experience in the medical industry development. Our team was responsible for building an admin panel that should also be integrated with an existing app and Stripe for transactions. Once end users open the service, they can see application IDs from the primary system.

Our system helps admins to:

  • Get applications online
  • Process applications that came from pharmacies
  • Check applications ID from the main system
  • Create a transaction for the virtual card
  • Send card details back to pharmacies


The key issue during the development process was mixed time zones. The client was an intermediary between our team and his customer, making communication harder. However, we always make sure we get feedback before moving to the next step of the process and timely make changes for better results.