Gamify is a Web3 gateway that connects traditional gaming companies and mass consumers to the Web3 ecosystem, by offering no-fuss SDK to onboard games onto the blockchain and simple customer journeys and rewards for mass consumers.


The founder of Gamify develops games with his partners. This is why he came to NebelTech with an idea of developing a web platform that will provide users with a list of NFT games and allow them to both earn tokens and transfer tokens into the available games. The web services had also been adaptive to mobile devices, as it will be easier for users to tap and open the game. Gamify had to be connected with Meta mask through blockchain. Now the project is in its development phase with the finished design. Let’s explore our NFT game marketplace development.


Gamify had to become a solution that meeting customer needs lies in a Web3 gateway that brings together the best of traditional gaming industry and blockchain token economics and NFTs for mainstream games. The key idea was to develop a web platform where users can find top NFT games, transfer their NFTs to the games and earn tokens and cryptocurrencies from them equally. Since the client has already got games, they will be first placed on the platform and then we will add other games that work with NFT. The client also has plans on building a mobile application.
Once user enter the platform, they can create their own account through three available options:

  • icon Google account
  • icon Facebook account
  • icon Meta mask (Polygon Blockchain)


Our design team was responsible for developing both web and mobile design from scratch. Since the goal of the design was to deliver an easy and engaging experience, we involved a graphic designer who created visual concepts to ensure user satisfaction and high retention rates.

The design we created for the Gamify is highly interactive, packed with game elements and interface in colors of the NFT industry. Since the design of gaming platforms plays a critical role in how users interact with products, we created a team of designers who have already worked with such projects and can deliver engaging yet easy to use and understand interface for user satisfaction.