Medica Stores is a retail mobile application designed to work as a marketplace for medications and connect users, retailers, pharmacies or private clinics, and couriers. This medicine ordering app has been developed with the goal to reduce the gap between all parties, making it easier for everyone to provide and buy needed medications, and streamlining the business for product providers.


The client came to NebelTech with an exciting web service and the back-end part of the mobile application. Since he saw great potential in the web product, our goal was to develop both iOS and Android versions of the Medica Stores.


The idea of the Medica Stores was to build an online medicine order app that will connect four parties in the healthcare space and provide a convenient marketplace. Depending on the party, the app was designed to:

  • Help growth revenue
  • Get medications
  • Earn money on living

This mobile application provides four roles, including:

  • End-users who want to buy medications
  • Wholesaler who provide drugs
  • Private retailers: pharmacies, clinics and hospitals who keep drugs
  • Courier who delivers drugs to users


Since NebelTech is an expert in both healthcare and retail space, the whole functionality of the application required by the client was successfully realized. The main challenge our engineers faced was related to calculating discounts based on certain factors. In addition, we followed Agile methodology to allow the client to quickly enter the market. Thanks to this approach, the app was developed with speed, quick changes that didn’t run the process and efficiency at each stage.