TRAVs is the next-gen mobile trip-planning app. The client was from London and wanted our team to build a convenient and efficient application that would allow users to travel with no hassle, using European maps, visit sights, find the hotel, and boost their traveling experience. The app is already developed and launched, so we are now working on support and maintenance.

Customer Idea

Since more and more people travel all across the world, the need for user-friendly and effective applications for navigation has increased.

That is why the TRAVs founder decided to build a smart and stable travel planner app for both iOS and Android platforms. The application has become a handy traveling companion for tourists looking for the best adventure with no stress.


Since the traveling sphere has its own requirements and guidelines, we started the development process by creating a niche-down team with a relevant background.

In order to boost their traveling experience, users should first go through the registration stage:

  • Sign in or Log in
  • Enter your email address and a password
  • Login via alternative methods (Facebook, Google, or Apple account)
  • Verify identity via email confirmation

Once the stage is passed, users can share their location to allow the app to show what’s around and help navigate the city.

Then they should choose the city they are traveling to, and they finally go to the home page. The home page is highly interactive and convenient, containing real photos and images for better app navigation.


Since the key idea behind TRAVs was to make it easier for users to enjoy their favorite cities. That is why we made sure the travel app design allows for convenience on the go. The design of the application was created in the brand colors, illustrating the brand idea and mission. Each page contains small yet convenient illustrations for hassle-free navigation.

The map can be opened on the whole screen, so nothing can disturb the route. Users can easily stop the route if they find something on their way and want to enjoy the walk later. They can always see where they are located, reducing stress if the internet connection breaks down.